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Eurolink is the General Contractor Company entrusted by Società Stretto di Messina to design and construct the Strait of Messina Bridge. This project has no equals worldwide, being one of the most complex ever undertaken from a technical point of view. As a matter of fact, the bridge - 3,300 metres long and single-span - is the longest suspension bridge ever made. A world record that will probably last for long The Eurolink general contractor was thus established to meet this extraordinary engineering challenge.

Eurolink gathers some major international companies in the field of large construction and heavy engineering works, and it is headed by Impregilo, the most important Italian construction company. Other members include the Spanish Sacyr, the Italian Condotte d'Acqua, the Italian Cooperativa Muratori & Cement - CMC, the Japanese Ishikawaijma-Harima Heavy Industries and the Italian A.C.I. - Consorzio stabile as well.

EUROLINK S.C.p.A. Sede Legale Corso D’Italia 83 - 00133 Roma
Uffici Amministrativi Via dei Missaglia n. 97 - Edificio A3 - 20142 Milano - Tel. 02.444.23.223 - Fax. 02.444.23.230 Email eurolink@ponteurolink.it
Capitale sociale EURO 150.000.000,00 di cui versati EURO 37.500.000 C.F./P.I. - Reg. Imprese di Roma 08998531001 Rep. Econ. Amm. Roma N° 1131884