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Zagarella Stop and Control Area - Calabria

Road Project Entrance of Piale tunnel - Calabria

Cannitello - Calabria

Business Centre - Calabria

View of Santa Trada - Calabria

View of Forte di Martiniti - Calabria

External Arrangements and Ancillary Works - Sicily

Anchor Block - Sicily

External Arrangements and Ancillary Works - Sicily

The Bridge from the Scenic Drive - Sicily

The Bridge from the Seafront - Sicily

Toll Barrier - Sicily

Curcuraci Junction - Sicily

Annunziata's Station

Papardo's Station

Europa's Station





Night view of Bridge

Model of the bridge in a wind tunnel

1:80 Scale section for the aeroelastic test of the Deck

Full aeroelastic model of the Tower

Deck section with A screens and horizontal mesh between roadway and railway girders

Twin cylinder model of main cable set-up in the DLR pressurized wind tunnel


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